Wordpress Ecommerce Optimization & Design

Because we work with WordPress E-Commerce daily we know what works. We offer design services and professional SEO services to create & optimize your online shop or market your business audience first using the power of consumer psychology.


When it comes to shopping online how a potential customer perceives your Ecommerce website and how their experience from search to potential purchase can be complicated. On average the statistics of shopping cart abandonment is around 67 percent. Many online retailers understand that cart abandonment a loss of revenue and turn to professionals to identify the factors that lead to loss of conversions macro and micro. Even though many businesses try to create a great experience for customers during the design phase, many businesses simply lack the experience or data to know what works and what doesn’t.
Understanding your target audience and search optimization along with experience in consumer psychology is what we do best. When we combine the experience of working on conversion optimization daily and WordPress design you get all the key elements of what it takes to succeed online.
Whether you need a new website designed for your target audience or a redesign or to identify the elements of poor conversions we can give you value added benefits that no other WordPress professional can. We can revamp or create you a WordPress site that has the correct layout, organically optimized, proper structure and flow, optimized product descriptions, tracking, analytical elements, and the correct formula of added functionality to give you the leading edge straight from launch or revamp. We understand a site is built not just for today so all of our organic optimization and web designs are built completely evergreen so that your site can grow with your business and can evolve organically to scale.


A consumer funnel and flow process are simply how a site visitor reaches your website and how they navigate from a search to an action. For WordPress Ecommerce optimization we start with a comprehensive review of your website experience and list “Resistance” items. These are issues that we identify to be points of friction to your site visitors and can be affecting micro and macro conversions. Once we identify these obstacles we will help you correct them and move into an analytical phase to collect data and to identify weak points of conversion.

How does Analytics allow us to determine traffic and visitor patterns on your website? Typical questions we ask are, “Where are visitors leaving?”, “Why are they not checking out?” and “How can we facilitate a sale if a customer has second thoughts?”. By looking at statistics we can figure out where weak spots are on your website and begin to implement improvements or simply create a WordPress Ecommerce site for you that is built for conversion and evergreen. 


  • How does your industry, your marketplace, use SEO?
  • Who is winning now and who do we need to beat?
  • How do your buyers express themselves on search engines?
  • What is the entire search journey of your buyers?

When we understand the anatomy of your digital audience, we craft websites and offer customized Organic search engine optimization services to meet your target audience where they are.

When You Think Like A Visitor, You Think Like A Search Engine.

The Advantages Of 100% Organic Web Design


Evergreen Scalability

Websites should be fluid and grow with you. We build websites with the correct architecture so that you can easily manage, redesign, and scale to match your business goals and growth.

End To End Customization

We build websites that are fully branded and customized end to end from login, auto-reply emails to thank you and success submission pages. Nobody wants a cookie cutter looking website, so when we build a website for you, we make sure everything follows your brand guidelines from colors schemes, typography to logos. As they say, it’s the details that matter most.

Audience Targeted Design and Flow

We go to great lengths to research what your audience is looking for and how it’s presented to help you build a website that provides your visitors exactly what they were searching for and guide them through your site to brand awareness, conversion, signup, lead or sale.