Search engine optimization is all about quality, not quantity, and that includes social media. In one of past posts, I have gone over the myths about natural SEO what you should know but in this post, I want to highlight the top elements that tend to be overthought.

You Should Be Refining Your Social Media Presence

Having expansive and in-depth social media accounts is a great way for businesses to interact with and entice their target demographic, especially since it gives the customers the opportunity to investigate the ethics and interests of a business uninhibited. Maintaining several in-depth social media accounts is quite the challenge, though, and one or more will end up falling by the wayside when a business takes on too much. Therefore, it is imperative for a business to do more and better with fewer social media accounts than shotgun all possible social media sites. Keeping up with Facebook and LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest is the best way to develop a meaningful social media presence.

More Posts, More Problems-Yes Less Is More!

Quality over quantity doesn’t stop with social media what you put into your content strategy is what you get, but keep in mind though over engaging can lead to spamminess and loss of interest. Utilizing high quality resources to develop informative and relevant posts is the best way to ensure good rankings and evergreen traffic. When there is an excess of posts that have subpar quality or a tendency to be repetitive, it negatively impacts the search engine ranking and can distance you from your target audience. Despite the way, things used to be, wherein websites could more easily promote themselves through excessive posts, the present and future of SEO demands a higher standard. More and more content hits the internet every day, and posts are getting buried like nobody’s business. Only high quality content will stand out and be rewarded. Putting in effort and creating one or two superb articles is far better than putting in little effort to create multiple articles.

Using SEO Companies Do You Know What You are Getting?

Due to the necessity of a solid SEO strategy, many companies choose to outsource their SEO efforts paid and Organic. These SEO companies all attempt to do the same thing. It’s hard for them to stand out to clients without hyping up the mystique of their work, and while that may be understandable, it is certainly not respectable. Every business deserves to work with a company that is upfront, transparent and honest in their strategic development and search engine optimization credentials. A firm that exaggerates the role they play and guarantees quick and first page rankings is a firm that is insecure about their capability to deliver results or playing into your idea of what SEO is really about. A business or website owner should check the track records of any firm they consider hiring, and any sign of dishonesty or overselling should be taken as a display of incompetence. It is better to get your money’s worth out of a quality SEO firm than to waste money on a subpar one, or one that will ultimately damage your SEO rankings.

Are Keyword Tools Really Worth It?

Keywords are important but if you don’t understand how search engine algorithms work you can definitely overthink your keyword strategy, fall short or overreach beyond realistic goals. Keywords should be planned by predicting your target audiences search queries and should be segmented into branded terms, short and longtail sets and must be strategized by competition levels, most top ranking sites are entrenched so you need to find the unicorns in the bunch. Keyword tools that require a business to make regular payments for the service are generally unnecessary, detrimental, and inconsequential. Such services never seem to work out as well as they say, and they can even be nefarious in their techniques. Businesses and website owners alike should stick to basic keyword planner tools that are free of charge, such as Google’s, in order to get all of the benefits of using appropriate keywords without making unnecessary sacrifices. That’s the best way to ensure success in the keyword arena as well as experimentation.

The Trouble With Backlinks-Quality Over Quantity

Backlinks, or inbound links, have always been the backbone of SEO. The more a website had, the better off they were in the rankings. Nowadays, that is no longer the case. Having high quality backlinks from other sites within the specific niche is much more impactful in determining rankings than the alternative. Having too many inbound links can often do more harm than good, and this time-consuming method is inconsequential at best. Instead, websites should focus on having impressive, relevant content, because that means gaining high quality natural inbound links, and those are what matters.

The Wrap Up And Final Thoughts

Search engines have definitely done their part to complicate SEO strategies with algorithm changes and so has the saturation of information on the web to confuse clients. While the logic and reasoning are sound, it still causes webmasters and business owners headaches that could be avoided. Take a step back and consider if you might be putting too much focus on your SEO strategy or not paying attention to the metrics of growth that count in the beginning stages. If you find yourself confused and frazzled with your SEO strategy or finding an SEO service provider, then it is probably a good time to discuss your strategy with a professional before moving forward anymore. A good SEO provider will always be flexible and make willing to experiment with new directions that lead to success.

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