How Do We Price Our Services?

Our Promise is 100 Percent Transparency

We believe in full transparency and empowering our clients with as much information necessary to make smart decisions on choosing any of our web design or SEO services. We understand every business is unique and we meet that challenge by providing a return on investment and value-added services above and beyond our competitors because we are a small company that does things the old fashioned way in a digital world.

At 100 Percent Organic SEO we love to collaborate with medium to large B2B’s,  brands, and e-commerce, startups to anyone we can confidently provide results for. 

We work with a simple pricing system starting at blocks of time minimum of 15 hours @$125.00 an hour. Some businesses may require more. We always budget ourselves to get the needle moving. That is why we not only invest in the best tools available to get deliver return on investment. We go out of our way to give you the best online marketing service with value-added services and 100% dedication to your satisfaction and success.

There is no cookie cutter approach to what we do. We also understand that there are some companies that charge far less and some more and you may have a hard time justifying how much to spend on professional search marketing services, especially if this is your first time shopping search marketing services, web design, or collaborating with us. With so many providers online these days,  it’s even more difficult to choose a partner who will provide the level of service you deserve as well as sustain the results you need so we promise to be completely transparent in everything we do.

Please keep in mind our business is based on your level of success and we won’t cut necessary corners just to win an account and fit a budget that will ultimately lead to your disappointment or lack of results. For this reason, we will be happy to provide you with a discovery meeting so we can discuss what is the best strategy for success and if the budget does not fit right now we can provide services when they do.

 We believe in 100% transparency and fair market value for our services.
We also believe in a sensible pricing structure that can sustain trackable success to accommodate return on investment of virtually any business from a small local business to large companies. Our objective is to include as much as information possible, highlight what makes us different should you choose to collaborate with us or any other provider.

We also strongly believe that your success is our success and we are simply not looking to accumulate clients that we cannot provide a superior level of service or results for.

In some cases, we might not be a good match for you. And because we don’t believe in hidden fees or upsells your cost won’t change unless the scope of services has been changed.

How Does Our Costs Influence Services?

While pricing is not an exact science we must take into account the whole spectrum of a campaign those elements that are tangible and non-tangible so that we can dedicate ourselves 100% to every client and meet your business goals.

The Tools we use for our search engine marketing services

Reporting, Analytics, & Strategy

We never outsource and every campaign is differn and requires technology to achieve results. Such as paid pro memberships for SEMrush, MOZ, Ahrefs, Buzz Sumo, Similar Web or hard costs such as theme licensing, advanced Coding, or premium plugins for extended website functionality. And of course time.

Our goal is to create the ideal environment for your success and it requires great tools, time, experience and knowledge like fine craftsmen. We never use a cookie cutter approach or process to what we do.

Hours, Client Communication & Education

We are here for your success, peace of mind, and to guide you through the process of Organic SEO and Web site design. When we take on any new campaign it’s important for us to estimate the level of demand from the project as well as the client.

You will always get rapid communication, education and a collaborative process that sows the seeds of performance for ROI.

Custom CSS Coding And Custom Functionality

All websites have the same anatomy of custom coding and styling to achieve a look or functionality, it all depends on the content management system or core code language that is right for your business scale and goals. One thing all websites have in common that affects the colors, fonts, shadows, and styling is CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) a basic universal language markup that renders all websites.

Once you have established the look of your website the next priority is functionality that affects the user experience, conversions, site architecture and flow, payment processes, third party integrations, contact forms, embedded videos, pop-ups, and on and on.