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October 21, 2017

How Consumer Psychology Affects Your Ecommerce Business

When it comes to success online you must understand your target audience so much so that you can predict their behavior and understand what makes them tick, where they shop, what is their economic status, where do they surf the web, what colors mean to them, where do they spend their money, why and how, what experience are they looking for online. This is especially important when it comes to Ecommerce but can also be…
SEO Tips & Info
October 13, 2017

Voice Search Queries Is Your Website Ready?

With the development of Siri and Cortana a full-service virtual assistance platform and the domination of smart phone technology for both Apple and Android phones and home speaker smart assistants such as Google home, voice search is now an integral part of how we search the web on the go. In 2004 Google launched a new beta feature for web search called “Voice Action” what we now call “Voice Search” in its first stages you…
Wordpress Tips & InfoSEO Tips & Info
September 26, 2017

WordPress SEO Guide To What You Need To Know

WordPress is without a doubt the most commonly used content management system. In the latest post from CODEINWP WordPress now comprises about 28% of the web! The fact is, it only grows more and more popular as improvements and updates in the source code make this content management system even more secure, and multifunctional from brands to small and large businesses to Ecommerce. One of the greatest attributes is scalability and usability, but one thing…

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