The Story Behind Us

At 100% Organic SEO our online marketing services and Organic SEO Strategies are based on the principals of Technical SEO; Market Research and Analysis, Consumer Psychology and branding what we like to call “Organic Online Marketing and Design”. The exact same techniques Fortune 500 companies use to develop and market new brands applied towards Online Marketing and Website Branding.

The Backstory Of 100 Percent Organic SEO

Since 2007, we have helped tens of dozens of local and regional online business sprout the seeds of growth, remedy poor web performance, conversion rates, recover from search engine penalties; increase domain authority, improve the comprehensive quality of their website, online presence and visitor experience.
We love making it rain!

Great products are built around strong statistical data, market research analysis targeted to specific consumers; awesome brands are built to not only fill their needs and wants but also take into account their entire consumer psychology. We believe this is where the 10X lives (Ten Times Better). We realized back in 2007 the same philosophy and techniques could be applied towards SEO, online branding, and WordPress Website Design, 100 Percent Organic SEO was planted.

We use the same power of Consumer Psychology behind all of our Professional WordPress Organic SEO consultation and WordPress website developments. We use the same exact strategies to create a culture of condition and conversion. It requires a lot of research and effort but the end result is invaluable. Because any content put on the web is highest return on investment marketing there is.

What is Consumer Psychology?

Consumer psychology is a field that studies how our thoughts, conditioning, beliefs, feelings, and perceptions influence what we buy and how we relate to products and services. This is how we got started in the online marketing industry after leaving the corporate world of in-depth market research analysis we found the same techniques used for fortune 500 companies can be applied to Professional Search Marketing Services.

Our Roots & Philosophy

  • Consumer Psychology +

  • Technical Optimization +

  • Organic SEO +

  • Website Design +

  • Content Marketing +

  • = Evergreen Web Presence


Have you wondered why and how people buy some products and not others?

Have you even wondered why people pay more for other products than others?

Have you ever wondered how colors, font choices, content and imagery, influence a potential customers choices?

In the present web landscape, potential customers are knowledge and research driven, in most cases by the time they have landed on your site they have already progressed in the expedition for the product or service that meets their needs. It’s at that point you have about 8 seconds to capture their attention, create an emotion invoke an action, inform and guide them through your website to align those desires. Big brands understand the power of consumer psychology and spend a good amount of their marketing budgets researching their target audiences preferences.

You may have heard this method called “A/B testing,” where minute but transformational changes in colors, fonts, graphics, content marketing, site architecture, website copy and pop-ups are tested to maximize conversion rates that can drastically increase conversions and revenue.

What if we told you that you don’t have to be a big brand to get the same benefits!

We always begin by researching your target audience preferences and conditioning before we test and implement any organics SEO campaigns or WordPress website developments.

Although time-consuming it’s quite simple because most of your competitors have done the work already. When you identify your target avatar (visitor persona) you can then discover where they get their information, how it is presented, colored and structured and then make it 10X (Ten times better).

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