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Website color psychology
Website Design Tips & Info
September 30, 2017

The Psychology of Color For Web Design To Increase Conversions

The psychological effect of color cannot be denied, it is part of our conditioning especially when it comes to how we behave and interact with the environment we are in. Colors invoke emotions, can change moods and experience and persuade. Product giants such as Mcdonalds, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Apple all spend big bucks on color theory specialists to research the colors they use. Color influences people on a deeper level and a website is no…
Behavioural Wordpress Design
Website Design Tips & Info
December 11, 2017

7 Reasons You Should Hire An SEO Pro To Build Your Website

You made the decision to invest in a website for your business or an update your design, the budget is set aside and you are checking out the competitors with envy but are pondering what makes these sites so successful? and how can you do the same or better! The next step is the choice of whether to do it yourself or hire a professional. This is where things can get challenging.
Website Design Tips & Info
September 6, 2017

Why Should You Update Your Website Design?

Let’s face it what you put out there as your is your web persona. It doesn’t matter if it’s an online business, portfolio, service, or blogging website. Your website visitors experience is your reality. In the age where mobile browsing is taking over desktop usage how websites should act and behave need to follow.

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