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August 22, 2019

What Is Organic SEO?

When it comes to SEO nothing beats going Organic. Organic SEO without a doubt has the power to keep sustainable metrics and web traction throughout the ever changing landscape of search engine algorithms. Google and other search engines are constantly trying to improve their user experience and their placement factors are directly aligned with the user experience. When you think like a visitor you think like a search engine.
SEO Tips & Info
April 2, 2018

SEO Mistakes That Will Tank Your Ranks

Despite the masses of folklore and legend surrounding the subject, there’s no real magic to Organic SEO. I often hesitate to mention the work “Rankings” in my posts, or with clients for that matter because rankings are the result of leveraging a great user experience, content and the correct keyword strategy and are not the main focal metric of success, traffic and conversions are the targets. It may take time, hard work and something special…
SEO Tips & Info
January 12, 2018

7 Myths About Natural SEO What Should Know

Knowing fact from fiction from those in the trenches of the online world can really benefit you. Just because you read it somewhere doesn’t make a myth a truth, yes SEO is highly opinionated with a diverse amount of answers out there some are based on truth and statistical data, some are speculation and some are predictions and the reason why nobody is 100% right or 100% wrong is it takes time and experimentation to…
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November 2, 2017

Use These SEO Techniques To Dominate Local Search For 2019

With 2018 fast approaching us we reflect back on search engine optimization in 2017 and what we have learned to give us the competitive edge in the ever challenging landscape of the search. Online marketing is no longer something to ignore its a necessity. Local search has and always been the first solid base a business can take in an SEO strategy even for businesses that don’t sell or provide services locally. Every opportunity you…
SEO Tips & Info
October 13, 2017

Voice Search Queries Is Your Website Ready?

With the development of Siri and Cortana a full-service virtual assistance platform and the domination of smart phone technology for both Apple and Android phones and home speaker smart assistants such as Google home, voice search is now an integral part of how we search the web on the go. In 2004 Google launched a new beta feature for web search called “Voice Action” what we now call “Voice Search” in its first stages you…
Wordpress Tips & InfoSEO Tips & Info
September 26, 2017

WordPress SEO Guide To What You Need To Know

WordPress is without a doubt the most commonly used content management system. In the latest post from CODEINWP WordPress now comprises about 28% of the web! The fact is, it only grows more and more popular as improvements and updates in the source code make this content management system even more secure, and multifunctional from brands to small and large businesses to Ecommerce. One of the greatest attributes is scalability and usability, but one thing…
SEO Tips & Info
September 24, 2017

Content Marketing What You Give Is What You Get

You get what you give is the wise old phrase. When it comes to Organic SEO you get exactly what you put in and content marketing is at the hear of it. I often educate clients a great deal about what to expect from SEO in 2017 and how the webscape has changed and how you can succeed online when it comes SEO. The simple days of search optimization are gone and today more than…

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