WordPress may very well be the perfect seo machine. After all, you can add plugins to expand its capabilities to do almost anything your website or customers may require. SEO is the methodology to make your website more desirable to search engines and create targeted visitor traffic. WordPress does a great job of automatically utilizing many of the suggested web standards to make your site load quickly and be easily indexed by popular search engines.

WordPress is without a doubt the most commonly used content management system. In fact it only grows more and more popular as they update the source code making this amazing platform even more secure, functional and useful to webmasters around the globe. There are some amazing features that come packed in, right out of the box. Some features are there for usability, but one thing many webmasters may overlook are its automatic search engine optimization abilities.

Website Structure

Google loves a website that has a logical and easy to navigate web site structure. Well, guess what wordpress will do that for you! This is just one of the many benefits of using a content management system opposed to using an old style page builder application. These systems are ready to keep your site in order, keep your links to internal pages where they should be and automatically creates a silo structure using your categories, sub-categories and posts. Of course, you can even fancy up your url path by changing the permalink structure in the settings. This will give you a much more attractive and readable url path to your posts and pages.

Title Tags And More

WordPress will automatically create H1 tags and internal links from the title of each and every post you make. This makes your site more usable from a user standpoint. The H1 tags tell search engines that this is the most important information on page, so make sure to make them count. The internal links also help as far as SEO goes, because Google can index your website’s pages much easier by following internal links, even if you do not make use of a xml sitemap or a robots.txt file.


Keyword stuffing can actually hurt your websites ranking. However, WordPress helps users add keywords that are useful to readers and make the content people are looking for easy to find. Using helpful and accurate keyword phrases as tags to your posts is a great idea. One secret SEO bonus of doing this is that WordPress automatically generates pages for your tags. This means more indexable pages and more targeted content on these generated pages. You will get some Google love if you use this feature sparringly and correctly.  

Comments Mean Social Bonus Points By Search Engines

Comments are more important than you might think. With recent Google algorithm changes, social interaction is becoming a big metric. The ability to add social interaction to your blog is huge. Using the default comment plugin you will be able to carry on a conversation with your readers and this is very useful to a webmaster as far as finding new points of interest and receiving feedback directly from those who are most important to you. Search engine optimization is all about showing search engines what they want to see and user interaction is huge. You can even take it one step further by using plugins that integrate facebook comments directly on your website.

Killer WP Plugins

There is a plethora of plugins to add features, clean up old url structures, include meta data and even automatically publish content on social networks directly from WordPress. Using these plugins can be very helpful and bring in new found traffic. However, make sure you are only installing plugins from trusted resources and don’t go overboard. Too many plugins can slow down your site load time and Google has made it publicly known that they are rewarding websites with favorable rankings that load faster than comparable sites with slow load times.  

Used correctly there are some powerful plugins that can help you perform task on auto-pilot that will really help your overall web site rankings. So launch into SEO Bliss with WordPress and all that it offers. Thanks for reading and looking forward to your thoughts on this topic!